Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding

Welcome to my self-publishing experiment. Here, you will be able to read my entire book for free. And if you like what you read, you might consider pre-ordering the hard-cover edition.

This is a work in progress. I haven’t finished writing the book. The final manuscript that goes to print may look nothing like the chapters you read here. However, my intent is to keep the online version up-to-date.

What’s In The Book

Forewords by two special guests (coming soon.)

What burying my father with my own two hands taught me.

The internet made every business a village business.

Part 1: Dragonborn

Discovering Dragon Energy from 2 unlikely sources.

How to find your personal brand by ignoring the voice in your head.

Why being selfish is the most generous thing you can do.

What makes you “attractive” to an audience? Lessons from a former pickup artist.

Don’t be a personal brand, be a person.

Part 2: Dragonfire

How to express yourself honestly.

The “T.R.O.L.L. Framework” for going from anonymity to infamy.

Yin, yang, you, and your audience.

The “Production-Consumption Matrix.”

Content Mindset.

Part 3: Dragon Disciples

A 150-year old formula for audience-building that still works.

Show up to the party, make friends, invite them to the after-party.

My #1 audience-building mistake.

The 2-Step: a stealth audience-building technique.

Do you want to pay with your money or your time?

Part 4: Dragon’s Hoard

The Convenience-Control Continuum and the 2 axioms of business.

Coming soon.


An exclusive interview with Dubai’s most expensive copywriter.

How experts and service providers can build a business around their personal brand.

Start reading: What burying my father taught me.

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