If you’re thinking about launching a paid community read every word on this page. In it you’ll find a free invitation to attend Circle’s Future of Communities Summit. As well as instructions on how to claim 5 bonuses and a full month of personalized support to launch your community by October 1st 2023.

MRR Go Brr

Now I know why subscription businesses are so popular. Twenty bucks here, twenty bucks there and pretty soon you have a serious income stream. Plus they keep paying you every month.

That’s the beauty of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue.) You’re never starting from zero every month. You pay once to acquire a customer and as long as you treat ’em right, they stick around for a long time.

What this means for you is you get to focus more time, energy and resources on your product and making it the best there is. I don’t know about you but many of the entrepreneurs I know didn’t get into business to be full-time marketeers and salesmen.

So what are your options? Well, you can start a SaaS (Software as a Service) biz. They’re great. But that means building an app. You can start a subscription box biz. Or a DTC (Direct to Consumer) biz selling consumables. Now you’re dealing with vendors and supply chains.

What if you don’t want the cost or hassle of code or physical goods? What if you want to package and sell your expertise and access while still enjoying the benefits of MRR? That’s where paid communities come in.

And if you keep reading, I’ll show you how you can design, build and launch your own paid community in two weeks or less. Introducing…

Join Circle's Future of Communities Summit 19th and 20th September 2023 from 12 pm to 4 pm EST

The Future of Communities Summit

Two days, nine workshops, 10 experts. Everything you need to know about launching and growing profitable paid communities. Hosted by my favourite community platform, Circle. Here’s what you can expect…

On day one:

  • Your Launch Blueprint with Alexis and Andy from Circle. Open the doors to your community in 30 days. Learn the proven framework to launch your community with confidence. We’ll cover the four most popular business models used by thousands of Circle communities, how to structure your community offering, and tips for a successful launch.
  • Build in real time: Watch ‘The Hustle’s’ Sam Parr map out his new community. Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle, is now shifting gears from email marketing to building his first membership community, Hampton. Learn what strategies he’s considering and watch him build a wireframe of his new community in real time!
  • Design your community offering with the Pros, Carli Roth, August Bradley and LaYinka Sanni. Uncover the secrets to designing a compelling community offering that resonates with your audience from three entrepreneurs who’ve already done it. They’ll help you connect the dots between your product offer and the content you deliver, ensuring a strategy that speaks to your communities needs.
  • Message and sell your community offering with confidence with Maya Elious. Creating a membership community or course for the first time and unsure how to talk about it to your audience? Brand Strategist, Maya Elious, will help you get clear on your message, confidently increase your prices, and set yourself up for a successful launch.

On day two:

  • Behind the scenes of a $5M Community with Ali Abdaal. In this engaging interview-style keynote, Ali will reveal how his community has driven remarkable course completion rates, share his top engagement strategies, and provide insights into the future of online business. Join us to gain a firsthand look at the visionary changes Ali forecasts for the dynamic online education landscape.
  • Scale like a Pro: 5 proven steps to scale your existing business. Uncover the keys to effective business scaling with business educator, Nicole Walters. Discover strategies to achieve optimal balance in your business growth journey, the importance of prioritizing meaningful progress over seeking perfection, and gain insights into leveraging your personal story to lead and connect with your audience.
  • Guide your first 25 members to unlock transformation in their first 30 days with Justin Moore and Sean Cannell. Learn the strategies to attract members from the get-go and keep them engaged during their crucial first 7-10 days. Discover the power of cohort-based challenges, themes, and accountability to ensure a lively launch and never experience those initial “crickets” when starting your community.
  • How adding a community to your existing business can impact your revenue. Explore the game-changing potential of adding a community to your business in our workshop with Codie Sanchez. Learn how cultivating a vibrant community can substantially boost your revenue streams, creating deeper customer loyalty and long-term growth. Discover her real-world success story and actionable strategies to harness the financial benefits of a thriving business community.
  • Founders Fireside Chat: A sneak peek at Circle’s product roadmap and what’s next. What’s next in the online business industry? What trends or forecasts are we predicting for 2024? What’s next on Circle’s road map? Join Circle’s co-founders for a peek into what’s next.

And when you sign up for the Future of Communities Summit using the button below…

You’ll also get exclusive access to my…

Community Launch Quickstart

I’m giving away 5 exclusive bonuses to help you launch your community by October 1st 2023.

  1. 1-month all-access pass to CopySkills™, my coaching community. Get all our courses, playbooks, guest lectures, office hours and forums. So you have all the support you need to finally launch your community
  2. 100% free membership launch tech stack. Build a waiting list, create massive hype, write your sales page and presell the membership. So you can validate your idea without spending a fortune
  3. 3 60-minute implementation calls. Ask me all your questions LIVE about building your membership community, marketing it and selling spots. So you can launch your membership with confidence and certainty
  4. Proven 7-day community launch promo. I’ve used this promotion with any product I launch for myself and clients. Simply plug and play and sit back while your community fills with members
  5. Social selling swipe file. Examples of the social media posts I’ve used in the past when launching products for myself and clients. So you can fill your waiting list with hot prospects who can’t wait until you open for enrollment

Why Should I Sign Up Using Your Link?

The Future of Communities Summit will be fantastic for giving you the big picture “what” and “how.” But none of the speakers are going give you personal attention or a step-by-step playbook on how to design, launch or promote your community.

And while Circle has an excellent support community and extensive resources, there’s so much to consume I can guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed, get paralysis by analysis and you won’t bother launching. If you really want to launch a community by the end of the month, you’ll need personalized help.

why you should join Circle Future of Communities Summit

👋 Hi I’m Nabeel Azeez

That’s where I come in. I’m an author, a copywriter and entrepreneur. Using my marketing expertise, I’ve helped 70+ brands get more customers. I sell my own products too.

Of all the products I’ve created and launched, my paid membership commmunity CopySkills™ is my favourite by far. It doesn’t make me the most money – my consulting business brings in the lion’s share – but it’s the most rewarding.

I’ve been able to grow CopySkills™ to 100 paying members within a year with a tiny audience and no ads. And I’m certain I can help you do the same.

Praise for Nabeel

dennis demori copywriter

“Nabeel is the Swiss Army knife of copywriters.”
Dennis Demori

mike cernovich author journalist

“One of the smartest, most authentic business consults around.”
Mike Cernovich

alexander juan antonio cortes strength fitness coach

“He’s a master of content and digital branding.”
Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

SaaSWiz SaaS founder software engineer

“Is it just me or does every ‘copywriter’ have the same tone? Except Nabeel.”

“Nabeel doesn’t realize he’s a rare breed. That bearded animal can make paint drying sound riveting.”
Mike Mark

How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your Community Launch Quickstart, simply:

  1. Tap the button below and enter your details on the next page
  2. Email me a screenshot of your registration confirmation
  3. Email me a screenshot/selfies of you attending day one of the Future of Communities Summit live and in-person
  4. Email me a screenshot/selfies of you attending day two of the Future of Communities Summit live and in-person
  5. Email me a screenshot of your Circle community admin dashboard after you create an account

Send your screenshots/selfies to nabeel@nabeelazeez.com.


If you don’t…

  • Attend both days of the summit live and in-person
  • Create a Circle community

…I won’t give you access to the Community Launch Quickstart.

I’m giving you thousands of dollars of bonuses as a gift. So it’s only fair that I ask you take this seriously and put in the effort.

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