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What is Profitable AF Emails?

Profitable AF Emails is a PLAYBOOK

  • Shows you how to think about email marketing.
  • Simplifies the entire process and eliminates your mental roadblocks.
  • Focuses on the main thing, making money.
  • Shares insider tips pros know that beginners don’t.
  • Was made by a PRACTITIONER (I write emails or manage email marketing for several active clients.)

…And much more!

What’s Included in Profitable AF Emails?

Module 1: What you can expect

  1. How to think about email marketing.
  2. Not an email copywriting course.
  3. Can use this playbook to train/delegate to your team.

Module 2: How to avoid the SPAM folder

  1. Technical vs. behavioral deliverability.
  2. The only real solution to getting your emails read.
  3. How to maintain an engaged email list.

Module 3: How often should you email?

  1. How often to send non-promotional emails.
  2. How often to email during a promotion.
  3. When and how to resend emails.

Module 4: How to never run out of email ideas

  1. 3 endless wellsprings of email content you can access right now.
  2. An instant cure for writer’s block.
  3. The simplest email format that works even if you’re a beginner.

Module 5: How to get your emails opened

  1. The perfect subject line.
  2. When and how to use pattern interrupts.
  3. Why the goal isn’t to only stand out in the inbox.

Module 6: What your emails should look like

  1. Text-heavy or design-heavy emails: which are best?
  2. How to format an email that gets read and clicked.
  3. When and how to use images and gifs in your emails.

Module 7: 5-step email editing checklist

  1. The RULE OF ONE and how to use it in your emails
  2. How to grab readers by the throat
  3. The number one goal of every email (more important than sales.)

Module 8: How to get more clicks

  1. More clicks ≠ more sales (and when to chase clicks)
  2. Calls-to-action and calls-to-value
  3. Optimal link and button design (so simple but so many get it wrong.)

Module 9: How to do an email launch or promotion

  1. The promotion strategy I use for myself & clients.
  2. Case study: the Profitable AF Emails launch.
  3. The problem with discounts & what to do instead.

Module 10: How to write cold emails that get replies

  1. Shotgun vs. sniper rifle: the 2 philosophies
  2. Your tech stack
  3. Offers that convert on cold outreach
  4. The right call-to-action
  5. Do you need personalization?

Module 11: Playbook Summary (even if you don’t purchase Profitable AF Emails, applying these 5 lessons will get you 80% of the way there.)

  1. There’s a human being on the other side of that inbox.
  2. If you can write an email to a family member, you’re good enough to write Profitable AF Emails.
  3. Send more emails, not fewer.
  4. Every email should answer “What’s in it for me?”
  5. Successful email promotions are more about good structure than good copywriting.

Module 12: Questions & Answers

  1. Audience Q&A from the Profitable AF Emails Playbook live mini-workshop.
  2. Audience Q&A from the Profitable AF Emails Playbook ENCORE live mini-workshop.

Dear reader,

If I offered to show you…

How to hit send and make money

To send simple emails and…

  • 💰 Sell out your inventory or
  • 💰 Fill up your calendar for the next two weeks or
  • 💰 Do a 6-figure course launch


  • ❌ Having a massive email list
  • ❌ Being a master copywriter
  • ❌ Automating all the things

Would you take me up on that offer?

Hi, I’m Nabeel Azeez. I’m a direct response copywriter, an email marketing specialist and the owner of a boutique copywriting studio, Dropkick Copy.

The last email promotion I wrote for an eCommerce store brought in $155,114 from a list of about 5,500 people. That’s $28 per subscriber. And for this particular client, I made them $300,827 over three months… Doubled their revenue from email compared to the previous email agency… And gave them a 33.5X ROI.

For another client, who sells a high-ticket coaching program, I brought in 300 applications at cost of $80 each for a minimum 5X ROI.

For another client, who runs an ad agency, we got the attention of one of the Godfathers of Internet Marketing. At the time of writing, they were negotiating a deal that’ll be worth at least 6-figures if they close. That’s a minimum 7X ROI.

I’ve got another client in the consulting space who I’ve been working with for 2+ years. We’ve grown from $30k/month to $300k/month together. Guess what our most profitable channel is? This is their inbox and it’s raining leads all the time.

Another client who has a SaaS startup, we wrote him a cold email script and his numbers are up across the board. Opens, replies, signups, etc.

And then there’s me. Now I make most of my money as a working copywriter. But I do have a tiny list of under a thousand people. And from time to time I’ll launch an info product like a course or an ebook. I’m able to bring in an extra two grand here…

$3,500 there…

In fact, the launch of this product (Profitable AF Emails) brought in $5,748.

profitable af emails launch results

Now I’m sharing these results with you for three reasons

  1. One, to prove to you that I’m legit
  2. Two, to show you my methods works in any niche and for any business model
  3. And three, to let you know that…

Email marketing WILL WORK for you

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business. And now, on this page, I’m giving you the opportunity to…

  • Take my methods
  • Make them your own
  • And make yourself rich

It is my pleasure to share with you

Profitable AF Emails

You’re getting my entire playbook for turning your email list into a money printer. In this playbook, I’m going to show you:

  • Where to get ideas for email content
  • How often you need to email
  • How to avoid your emails going to spam
  • How to get your emails opened
  • How to write and format emails so people read and BUY
  • How to squeeze more clicks from your emails
  • How to plan and execute an email promotion, like a sale, product launch, or an affiliate offer
  • How to write cold emails that get replies

Best of all…

I’m going to simplify everything for you

And demystify everything for you. A lotta people have a lotta opinions about email marketing… Even so-called experts… That are quite frankly bulls*** and don’t hold up to the most important metric of all: SALES

I’ve ignored virtually every email marketing “best practice” and STILL made myself and my clients tons of money. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in eCommerce or you sell info products or you’re a client business… Whether you’re B2B or B2C… Whether you’re a startup or a unicorn… Email is and always will be…

Your most profitable marketing channel

The only question is, are you using it to its full potential? I invite you to start, right now by getting your copy Profitable AF Emails. All you have to do is simply enter your regular details at the bottom of this page and tap “Pay.” I hope to see you inside 😉

Yours beardly,
Nabeel Azeez

About the Author

nabeel azeez direct response copywriter marketing consultant

Nabeel Azeez is a Muslim Sri-Lankan author and entrepreneur. He lives in Dubai with his wife and children. He has a bad habit of starting too many businesses. He currently owns 3. A marketing agency, an e-learning business and a media company.

Praise for Nabeel

dennis demori copywriter

“Nabeel is the Swiss Army knife of copywriters.”
Dennis Demori

mike cernovich author journalist

“One of the smartest, most authentic business consults around.”
Mike Cernovich

alexander juan antonio cortes strength fitness coach

“He’s a master of content and digital branding.”
Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

SaaSWiz SaaS founder software engineer

“Is it just me or does every ‘copywriter’ have the same tone? Except Nabeel.”

“Nabeel doesn’t realize he’s a rare breed. That bearded animal can make paint drying sound riveting.”
Mike Mark

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