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Copy/pasting a rant I wrote for my CopySkills™ members.

Why You’re Always Playing Catch-Up

If You’re Not Rich or Don’t Have Easy Access to Credit

I saw this on Twitter today:

Some information is better kept behind high priced paywalls. You make shit $38, get $1m-$2m and fuck up the entirety of the mechanism/industry. You traded $2m for unfathomable saturation & destruction of your business long term. Grow up.

This is why copywriters in the Global South are always playing catch-up. Unless you’re rich or you can put large purchases on a credit card, you will never have access to the type of information available in $3000/month coaching programs or $20,000 high-ticket mentorships.

FFS, some people can’t even checkout via Stripe or PayPal if they’re from certain countries. They can’t even buy a $10 book on Amazon.

Many of you don’t understand what I’m trying to do with CopySkills™. You will not find this level of coaching and access to expertise anywhere for $20/month.

Some members canceled their subscriptions and I’m left shaking my head. None of them are where they ought to be in their copywriting careers. Skill-wise and business-wise, they’re fucking noobs.

Where else are they going to go? Are they gonna hang around free Facebook groups hoping for free education and advice? Keep downloading free lead magnets? Subscribe to yet another free newsletter?

This is the copywriting equivalent of being a goddamn panhandler. Short-sighted as fuck.

Here’s something else you need to understand.

With the time I spend helping people in CopySkills™, I could close two new $3000-$5000/month retainer clients for Dropkick Copy every month. That’s the equivalent of adding 150-250 new members to this community every single month for a fraction of the effort.

I’ve talked to everyone who’s joined and I know where you’re all at with respect to your income, client base, copywriting and business skill. Many of you are squandering the opportunity I’m giving you.

When you waste time doing random side shit instead of putting your head down and doing the work. When you barely show up in the community. When you don’t submit copy for critique. When you don’t do lead generation for your business. When you aren’t building your personal brand…

You will neither progress your skills nor grow your business.

I don’t need your $20/month. I need you to do the work and become CopySkills™ success stories so I can show you off to the marketing world.

And when you finish reading this, I don’t want any rah-rah comments below either. Do the fucking work and let your results do the talking.

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