2 new courses in CopySkills™

Two new courses just went live in CopySkills™ courtesy of a licensing deal with good guy Ryan Hunter

  • Sales Page Speedrunner helps you write long-form TSLs and VSLs that convert in days as opposed to months.
  • Writer With a Waitlist helps you work with better clients and more of them.

Other courses available inside CopySkills™:

  • Daily Content Machine helps you create and publish 120+ pieces of content per month for clients.
  • Profitable AF Emails helps you turn your client’s email list into an ATM.
  • Tweet & Get Clients is a social selling course for Twitter and similar platforms

Plus, we’re up to 10 guest lectures and counting:

  • Social Selling Mastery by Michelle Terpstra
  • How to Read Good So You Can Write Good by Jim Clair
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation by Shreya Pattar
  • Conversion Secrets of a 9-Figure Copywriter by Paul Jey
  • How to Rewild Your Nervous System by Jon McIntyre
  • How to Get Paid as a Global South Copywriter by Jay Makoni
  • How to Run a Sales Call by ROGUEWEALTH
  • Write Like a Writoor by Megha Lillywhite
  • How to Sell to Women by Wendi Schenkel
  • Sales Letter in a Day Documentary by Ryan Hunter

AND a dozen playbooks including:

  • The 100-Word Email
  • Sales Page Fundamentals: The Headline Stack
  • From DM to Paid in 60 Minutes
  • AI-Augmented Long-Form Writing Tutorial
  • From Commodity to Category King

…And much more!

We’re adding new material every month.

But the content is a byproduct of CopySkills™ existence.

I designed the community for asynchronous communication.

So its real value is in your ability to ask questions and get answers within minutes.

Master your craft and work with better clients.

– Nabeel

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