27 benefits of daily emails

One of my intrepid readers sent me this the other day. She’s a copywriter with an extensive background in copyediting. I’ve hired her twice to look over some of my work; some of the best money I’ve spent in 2017.

I’m thoroughly enjoying your recent burst of daily emails! Blimey, how do you find time for anything else…?!

She’s right about the emails taking time. Since I just started doing them my writing pace is slow. I will get faster with practice. It’s one of the reasons I started emailing daily. I want to build a daily writing habit. A daily email keeps me accountable.

There are a number of other benefits to emailing daily. Here are 27 of them:

  1. You will build a daily writing habit
  2. You will get better at expressing your ideas in writing
  3. You will be able to write faster
  4. You will become more creative because you are forced to ideate daily
  5. You will become more organized
  6. Your most productive hours of the day are reserved for your own personal and professional growth
  7. You are paying yourself first
  8. You will get better at speaking what you know because your ideas have been formulated in writing before
  9. Your ability to think and speak off-the-cuff will improve
  10. You demonstrate consistency to the buyers on your list
  11. You demonstrate your knowledge to the buyers on your list
  12. You demonstrate your writing ability to the buyers on your list
  13. You get to sell to your list every day
  14. There is no negative effect on your email open rates and click-through rates
  15. The lowest quality subscribers will unsubscribe from your list in short order
  16. You can determine very quickly who your unengaged subscribers are
  17. You can prune your list monthly as opposed to every 6 months
  18. You brand value grows with every email because you are always top-of-mind
  19. Your name gets associated with your product/service because you are always top of mind
  20. You get more opportunities to test copywriting/selling/marketing/persuasion techniques
  21. You lose the fear of writer’s block
  22. You stop having writer’s block
  23. Your learning as a copywriter/marketer is accelerated over 700% (weekly emails vs. daily emails)
  24. You learn how to write good email subject lines and calls-to-action
  25. You differentiate yourself from a 95% of all other copywriters who barely email their list or only email weekly
  26. You learn a lot of advice you’ve read online about what works and what doesn’t work is bulls***
  27. You learn the fundamentals of direct response marketing are king

I could churn out a few more but 27 is a nice number. If you want to try emailing your list daily, I recommend ramping up gradually. Go from weekly, to twice a week, to thrice a week, to every weekday, to daily. It will help you acclimatize to writing.

I jumped in cold from writing once or twice a month to writing daily immediately. That’s not what I would recommend for you. One, because you’re probably not used to writing so much so it will take you time to get used to it. Two, because you need to get organized and prioritize the email for the start of the day. Three, because you’re probably skeptical that emailing daily is a productive and profitable use of your time, and you need to fix your mindset.

I also don’t recommend outsourcing writing your emails to anyone. You want these emails to be a direct relationship between you and your readers.

Bonus Benefit

Email is the hand-written letter of our time. Write every email yourself. What I can help you with is putting the systems in place to make writing them easier like…

  • Identifying your ONE reader (also known as your customer avatar or buyer persona)
  • Come up with interesting topics to write about that HELP your one reader
  • Put a process in place to simplify your writing experience SO THAT you stick to the task

If you’d like to learn more, check out Profitable AF Emails.

How often do you email your list? Let me know in the comments.

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