Curation + commentary = authority

Some of my work was featured in Harry Dry’s newsletter.

He runs marketingexamples dot com.

Can you guess what his newsletter does?

He shares a bunch of interesting marketing he finds online and offline…

And then comments on why he thinks it’s good.

This is the easiest way to build authority and credibility as an expert.

Curation + commentary = authority

You’re gathering interesting stuff and packaging it up for busy people to consume fast.

That means you’ve got the pulse of the industry and you know what your market cares about.

You’re commenting on said interesting stuff and explaining what’s going on and why it’s interesting.

That means you have expertise on the subject matter.

Put it all together and you become someone people in your industry ought to pay attention to.

There’s a catch, though.


You can’t just do it once or twice.

Chris Orzechowski wrote “Email of the Week” for 55 weeks straight.

And it doesn’t have to be written.

You can do YouTube or a podcast.

Short form video can work, though you’ll need much more volume because it’s ephemeral.

And it helps to know what you’re talking about.

You don’t have to be an expert.

Beginners can do this too.

Teach what you learn as you learn it by breaking down real-life examples.

Eventually, people will think you’re an expert.

And by then, you’ll have done so many reps that you will be.

Here’s Harry Dry’s bit about my copy.


I love this abandoned cart hook

“Did you know you can expense your…”

In fact, the whole email is superb.

One of series that adds $8k / mo in revenue.

For a higher resolution click here


Correction: It made 8k in 2 weeks so 16k / mo.

It’s a bit odd seeing your copy marked up.

After 100,000+ reps you tend to write like that intuitively.

– Nabeel

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