Make 5 yrs of biz progress in 1

I teach this concept in CopySkills™ called Copy+

See, to be successful only writing copy you have to be superb.

But if you’re average or just getting started…

Copy PLUS something else will help you stand out.

More importantly, with Copy+ you can put yourself in a category with far less competition.

Take my friend Anvar, for example.

Direct response copywriter and he’s pretty good, too.

Except he doesn’t write copy; at least, not in the way I do.

Anvar runs an agency called Creative Flywheel.

And he makes direct response video ads for eComm brands.

He’s damn good at it too.

Anvar used Copy+ to work with 73+ clients and generated 10s of millions of dollars for them.

So when I heard he’s teaching his methods on how to produce direct response video ads…

I just had to tell you about it.

But be aware…

Copy+ means you have to develop new skills.

You can’t just type into a Google doc and call it a day.

But if you’re willing to put in the effort…

You’ll make 5 years of business/income progress in one year.

>>> Check it out 👉

– Nabeel

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