The perfect lead magnet

If your lead magnet can be a blog post, it’s not a lead magnet. I posted this in the CopySkills™ general chat a while back. Yesterday one of our members, Eddie, asked me to expand on it.

Here’s my answer.

Opt-in Intent

How many lead magnets did you opt-in ONLY for the free thing, with zero intention of buying anything from the person?

Before creating a lead magnet, what is your goal? Do you want people to book a call with you? Then why, especially, do you need them to opt-in to see the information before booking a call?

Why not give them the information first, without making them jump through hoops, and let the people who are serious enough to read or watch until the end give you their information?

This goes to WHY they are opt-ing in. Are they opt-ing in for information or implementation?

Someone who gives you their email address because they want to schedule a discovery call is different than someone who gives you their email address to get a lead magnet.

Quality vs Quantity

You can go either way.

Quantity is the objective with most lead magnets. They want to get as many leads as possible in the hopes that a percentage will convert during follow-up. But most of these leads are unqualified and may never convert.

My personal preference is to build a list of buyers, not a list of leads. If you haven’t bought from me and you’re never going to buy from me, I don’t want you on my list.

I’d much rather send email follow-up to someone who has:

  • Booked a call in the past
  • Purchased a product from me

Information Consumption

How many lead magnets have you opted-in for that you didn’t read or watch? In my case, maybe THOUSANDS.

Most people create lead magnets that only give people more information. But information is available everywhere and for free. And how are they consuming that information? Mostly they do it on YouTube and social media.

People don’t need more information. They need more implementation.

Market Sophistication

Your prospects have been marketed to for years. They’ve signed up for thousands of lead magnets and seen every possible type. Pdfs, videos, email courses, cheat sheets, case studies and more.

If your lead magnet is basic info they can find in a blog post or video, they will come away unimpressed. You asked them for their contact info and didn’t deliver enough value in exchange.

The Perfect Lead Magnet

Given all of the above, the perfect lead magnet is:

  • Valuable to your ideal customer and useless to anyone else
  • Worth far more than the contact details they’re giving you in exchange
  • A tool that aids implementation

What that lead magnet is, I cannot tell you. Only you can answer this question because you know your customer and what their needs are. And if you don’t know your customer, why are you creating a lead magnet?

Fortunately, you can now use ChatGPT, Bing Chat or other tools to help you come up with ideas for effective lead magnets.

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