Which community platform?

Here’s another activity that delayed my launching CopySkills™ by at least 3 months.

Deciding which community platform to use.

This is a dumb place to spend time or energy on.

Every platform has its pros and cons.

And no platform is perfect.

More importantly…

Every platform has almost all the same features.

And they’re all priced about the same.

For example, if you’re in the high-ticket consulting space…

Skool is popular.

Out of all the community platforms I’ve tried Skool is the fastest app.

But Skool also has fewer features by design.

The gamification and leaderboards are a gimmick that lose novelty fast.

And they don’t let you use custom domains yet.

Meaning Skool’s traffic numbers are inflated (also by design.)

The Copywriting Collective and Copy That! use Discord.

Free community, free software – makes sense.

CopySquad and some other paid communities use Discord too.

But unless you fkn live in Discord you’re guaranteed to always be out of the loop.

And the app is a somnambulent sloth.

Slack is a shittier version of Discord.

Discord for Karens.

And you have to pay per user.

Good when your community is small, not so good when ur big.

Mighty Networks and Circle are good.

Both are pretty much the same in terms of features.

MN’s layout and what they call things are weird.

I hate when apps use new names for things that are different to what people have been using since forever.

Sidebar about email software:


What, are you on your period? (Guess the movie. Hint: cranberry juice.)

Just call it a goddamn autoresponder like we’ve been doing for decades.

Circle is what I ended up using for CopySkills™.

It’s got everything I need.

And they SHIP.

But because they have so many features the app is bloated and slow.

There are other community platforms I’m not mentioning – Discourse, that one James Shramko’s a partner in – but you get the gist.

If you spend more than 15 minutes thinking about this you’ll never make a decision.

Pick one and be done with it.

The real work you need to do is far more important.

I’ve mentioned what that is below.

And how I can help you do it.

>>> Yes! I’m ready to pick one and be done with it 👉

– Nabeel

P.S. If you want my opinion your consideration set ought to be in no particular order…

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