Why being cheap costs you money

Rents have gone up in my area.

My landlord would’ve been entitled to a $5000 increase.

But they’re required to give a minimum of 90 days notice before raising rent.

They didn’t.

Days before the lease renewal date, they tell me they want to increase.

I said no way.

The real estate agent who helped them rent the property would’ve taken care of this and followed all the regs.

But the landlord didn’t want to pay the real estate agent’s $150/year management fee.

This is the second year they’ve missed out on a rent increase they’re legally entitled to.

Total opportunity cost: $10,000

We’re renting at 50% of the going rate.

Now I’m gonna give the agent a 100% bonus for having my back.

Azeez family 2 – Landlord 0

Investing in your business is the same way.

Lately I’ve been talking to a bunch of founders.

Some of them balk at my rates.

It’s OK and I understand.

They’ve likely not worked with professional copywriters before.

But investing in good copy isn’t magic, it’s math.

If I said to you:

Give me $3,000 once and I’ll give you an additional $30,000 per month

Would you say no?

What’s the difference between that and paying $3000 for a lead nurture or cart abandonment campaign?

Congrats, you avoided spending $30,000 and…

Lost out on $300,000-$500,000 per year in additional revenue.

Hashtag golfclap.

Just book a call bro(ess).

And business owners aren’t the only culprit.

I see the same behaviour in copywriters who won’t invest in CopySkills™…

Or join for a few months then quit, saying they “can’t afford it.”

Mashallah you’re saving $20 bucks a month and…

Lost out on mastering your craft, increasing your rates, making more income and working with better clients.

Real galaxybrain play.

– Nabeel

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P.P.P.P.P.S…. just kidding lol

Adios muchachos

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