đź”´ Live today: how to sell to women

Tuesday September 12th 2023 at 9 am New York / 2 pm London / 5 pm Dubai.

I’m joined by Wendi Schenkel for a CopySkills™ guest lecture on…

How to Sell to Women

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Wendi Schenkel is the author of The Purse Strings Effect: The Secret to Selling to Women.

It’s a short, no-fluff book that gives you simple principles on selling to women.

Wendi and I have followed each other on Facebook for years and she strikes me as based.

I asked her to deliver this guest lecture so you can write better copy to female audiences.

Not only that, it will help you get more female business owners as clients, if that’s something you want.

More on Wendi

With a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a background as a former professional athlete, Wendi brings the rigor of strategy and the determination of a champion to her approach.

Her journey from the world of sports to successful business ownership has cultivated a unique skill set that bridges the realms of practicality and intuition.

Wendi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science, is a Licensed Counselor, and a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Her extensive training in Hypnotherapy and Solutions-Focused Therapy equips her to guide clients through transformative experiences.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology Counseling, Wendi’s dedication to ongoing learning is unwavering.

Wendi finds her own balance in life as a wife of 25 years, a mother of three adult children, and a proud companion to two Blue Heelers.

Splitting her time between Rochester, NY, and Palm Beach, Florida, Wendi draws inspiration from the tranquility of nature and the vibrancy of diverse cultures.

>>> Yes! I wanna know how to sell to women 👉​

– Nabeel

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