3 ways to sell to men (there is no 4th)

If you want to sell to men, you go after the 3 Ws: Women, Wallet, Waistline. Technically that’s 1 W. Wallet and waistline inevitably relate to women. If you can find a way to poke a man at one of these 3 pressure points, you’ve got his attention and can close in short order. Poke 2 and he’s just waiting for an excuse to give you his money. Poke 3 and he’ll throw his wallet at you.

It isn’t a coincidence these 3 topics are the best way to insult and emasculate a man. Nothing embarrasses a man more than to assert he can’t get laid, he’s broke, or he’s a fatty fatboy. Just because he doesn’t vocalize his insecurities – his pride would never allow it – doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Even if it’s now become fashionable for men to be effeminate and flagrantly reject masculine virtues, he’ll never escape his core drivers and the desire to achieve what author Jack Donovan calls the 4 Tactical Virtues: Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor.

If the 3 Ws are the pains and fears, the 4 tactical virtues are the hopes and dreams. Put in copywriting terms, you agitate the former and future-pace the latter. Once you’ve done that, he’ll do anything you ask. Buy your product… Jump off a cliff… Goose-step in formation while looking fabulous in Hugo Boss uniforms… Whatever.

If you’re one of the good guys and you’ve got something useful to sell… and you need someone to help you sell it… I’m your guy. Let me know in the comments.


P.S. Disclaimer: You must ONLY use this insight into the depths of the masculine soul for good.

P.P.S. Brian Kurtz said readers trust you more if you include a postscript.

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