4 hours of client acquisition

Yesterday’s “How to Get Your First Copywriting Client” workshop was a marathon session.

I took the attendees through the entire process of client acquisition from start to finish with no steps skipped.

  • Why you’re not getting clients
  • What clients want
  • Freelance copywriter tech stack
  • Selling offers not services
  • The perfect cold email/DM
  • Selling over DMs
  • Taking their money

Many of the attendees had been learning copywriting for some time.

But they hadn’t got the first client yet.

A minority had done some client work.

But they were finding it difficult to get new clients.

I thought I’d prepared enough material for 2 hours.

We ended up going for 4.

AND we’re doing a follow-up call because Kyle had a hard stop.

We couldn’t get through all the questions.

If you missed it you might’ve been SOL…

But I’ll be doing an live encore inside CopySkills™ next Saturday.

Everything you need to reach out to clients and close deals.

And all your questions answered.

Sound like it’s worth your time?

All you have to do is join.

– Nabeel

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