Don’t learn copywriting in Space (you won’t have the right muscles)

I‘m watching The Expanse for the second time. It’s a SciFi show set in the 2350s. Humanity has colonized our solar system and there are 3 factions. Earth, Mars and the Belt.

Because Martians and Belters are born and live in space, they can’t handle Earth gravity. If they want to travel to Earth, they need to take various supplements, injections and go through special training, just to survive. They’re still human, but their physiology has “forgotten” what it’s like to be on their planet of origin.

In the Matrix films, the humans of Zion don’t know how or why the machines they use, that make their city livable, work.

When I was a boy we learned mental arithmetic. All of our math was taught this way. It wasn’t until high school that we started using calculates.

The new generation of copywriters are learning how to write copy using AI. Their focus is on prompting, chaining prompts and building AI Agents to automate copy production.

They’re Belters. This is the equivalent of learning how to write copy in Space. Calculators from day one. They don’t know how copy works, only that it does. They haven’t learned the fundamentals. Is it any wonder the copy their prompts generate is mediocre?

I’ve seen a lot of copy-related prompts published by people. Even bought a few prompt packs. The only prompts that give you anything close to usable copy are created by good copywriters. They mastered the fundamentals first. Then they were able to synthesize those fundamentals into prompts that made their jobs easier. That wouldn’t be possible if these copywriters started learning the skill using AI.

Correct use of AI to produce copy looks more like a conversation than a prompt. To have that conversation, and for it to be meaningful, you must know how to think about copy. This is something I help members of CopySkills™ with.

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