One of the only chapters many people have read in Breakthrough Advertising

Have you noticed this? The only concepts people quote from Breakthrough Advertising are Stages of Awareness and Stages of Sophistication. Those are chapters 2 and 3. For the life of me I can’t think of any example of someone quoting anything from chapter 4 onwards. Come to think of it, few people even quote from chapter 1.

This leads me to believe many people who quote Breakthrough Advertising haven’t read it. And if they have, they haven’t read past chapter 3. Which is fine, I suppose. Schwartz front-loaded the most important concepts. Anyhoo, in keeping with tradition, today’s email is about a concept from chapter 1, mass desire.

I don’t like discounts. I almost never use them. The only time I do is as an introductory price when I’m launching a new product. Discounts devalue your brand and train customers to only buy during sales.

“Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand.”David Ogilvy

But it’s BFCM week. People want to spend money this week, more so than any other time of year. They’ve been saving up for it. From now until December 31st, some brands will generate as much revenue as they do during the rest of the year. Every man, woman and demiboy who exchanges goods and services for moolah wants their piece of this pie. So where does that leave a business that doesn’t do discounts?

Don’t run from the deluge. Stand there with a bucket.

Sinple, really. You can launch a new product. Or a variation of an existing one. Or do a limited edition something or other. Or do a “reverse BFCM” where you sell your most expensive thing (I did that once with a client; sold his 30k mastermind.)

This BFCM I’ve decided to relaunch my book, 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man. I’ll be releasing it on Amazon and I think everywhere else you can buy books. Kindle, paperback and hardcover. No audiobook yet but that’s in the pipeline. We’re trying to get the book uploaded to all merchants by Friday. But if we miss that, it’ll be live before the end of the month. Inshallah.

Some testimonials from men who’ve read it:

“It’s a really well-written book that hits home, that’s what I’d say, for any man who’s got any self-consciousness about himself as a man.”Malek H

“I completed reading the 40 hadith on masculinity book today, and mashaa Allah, it is the best book on the topic I have found in English.”Ismail K

It’s a hit with the ladies too!

“I feel like women who are in my position, who are searching for an ideal partner, definitely should read this book… I set up my online marriage profile with it too… And I also use this book as a guide to ask questions of these men to see what type of man they are.”Huda S

And if you want to know more, here’s the chapter list and introduction.

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