energy mgmt & paying yourself first

Ben Settle teaching taught me this principle called “Pay yourself first.”

For the first hour of your work day, work on things that put money in your pocket.

For example, writing a daily email or writing copy for your own offers.

I’ve done it and it works.

However, I’ve found through practice I have near infinite energy when working on my own projects and limited energy when doing client work.

If I leave client work to later in the day, I don’t get as much done.

And that’s a problem because I’m a working copywriter and most of my income is still from client work.

But if I get my client work done early and have the rest of the day to work on whatever I like, I don’t get tired.

“You fight like a young man, with nothing held back.”

So, while Settle is right, I’d modulate his advice based on my own experience.

And so, here is my advice to you.

Creative work is based on energy management, not time management.

Work with your energy levels and you’ll get more done.

Stick to arbitrary notions of when to do X, Y and Z and you’ll be working against your energy levels.

This is also why it is mental masturbation to read about the daily routines of successful people in an attempt to emulate them.

Reading cannot take the place of doing the work to know yourself.

– Nabeel

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