The Cosmic Law of success

Do you think it’s credible that the best player in the NBA only practices 3 hours a week? Does that happen? Or do you think they’re practicing 3 hours in the morning and also 3 hours in the afternoon and they give up their lives? The most incredible thing I saw in the NBA was that all of these men literally gave up their lives to play that game. To perfect it.

And that’s true for anything. Whether you want to be a filmmaker, an investor, an athlete, an actor, a surgeon. It’s an immutable law of physics, and you need to just get over it, that you need to put tens of thousands of hours. And if you cannot, or won’t, you should not expect the success and you should not complain. ‘Cause it’s not free.

– Chamath Palihapitiya

From this week’s episode of the All-In pod. Listen from 21:56 to 35:50. Link below.

I don’t know yet whether I’m going to be successful.

I’ve put in a few solid years but I need at least 10 more.

So when I say this, know that doesn’t come from a place of condescension.

The truth is, many of you won’t be successful.

Because you want the results without the willingness to do the work.

I see this with business owners who want the benefits of marketing without paying the costs of marketing.

I see this with copywriters who want the benefits of consulting without paying the costs of skill development.

Taylor Welch has an interesting synthesis of this where he says, and I paraphrase:

You have to pay your tuition. You can pay it over decades or your can pay it over months. But everyone has to pay whether they like it or not. And it’s only after you pay that you get the success you want.

Cosmic Laws aren’t broken except by miracle.

– Nabeel

P.S. When you’re ready to pay your tuition:

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