FAO: Copywriters who want clients

If you want your first client…

Or your next client…

Or you’ve been doing it a while and want more clients…

I’m doing a live encore presentation of…

How to Get Your First (or Next) Copywriting Client

This Saturday 2nd September 2023…

At 4 pm Dubai / 1 pm London / 8 am New York

Inside the CopySkills™ community.

If you want to attend…

All you have to do is join CopySkills™

  • $20/month
  • No contracts
  • No long-term commitments
  • Cancel anytime

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

  • Day ZERO: The one and only job of a beginner copywriter. Using one of my cubs as a case study.
  • The simple-yet-obvious reason why you aren’t getting clients. Copywriters hate to hear this but it’s true and it’s not because you suck at copywriting.
  • 2 features of freelance copywriting beginners don’t know. Understanding them both will get you more clients than copywriters who are better writers than you.
  • How prospects think. This is copywriting 101 and if you don’t understand it you have no business calling yourself a copywriter.
  • Getting clients is free and spending money won’t solve your client-getting problems. We’ll prove it to you with this 100% free “tech stack.”
  • Case study: how to go from DM to paid in 60 minutes or less WITHOUT getting on a sales call.
  • Becoming nichesexual. The idea of “niching down” is correct but too many copywriters do it wrong and slow down their progress. Here’s the only way to do it right.
  • No experience, no results, weak af portfolio… but you can STILL get clients by conveying a specific emotion to your prospects that CANNOT be faked.
  • The perfect cold DM.
  • The perfect cold email.
  • The “invisible ick” you’re giving off when you reach out to prospects and how to fix it. No it’s not the perception of desperation.
  • Eat this unappetizing and downright unsanitary food to get clients.
  • The only content you ought to post as a n00b copywriter.
  • Why you keep getting ignored or ghosted and how to go from “send me your portfolio” to “invoice paid.”
  • How to “blue check” your online presence without being verified.
  • How to sell anything to anyone using the 4 buying archetypes.
  • Follow-up game and how to stay top-of-mind without pissing off your prospects.
  • Live objection handling. Give me the most common objections you hear and I’ll tell you what to say in response.
  • How to get clients as a copywriter without selling Copywriting (with a capital C.)
  • Sometimes WOO can WORK. How I got two clients by meditating about money. Your mileage may vary.

The first time I delivered this workshop was last week, for Kyle Milligan’s CopySquad.

So it’s brand new.

And everyone who showed up, loved it.

In fact, here’s what successful Agora copywriter – one of the hosts of the Copy That! YouTube channel – Sean MacIntyre had to say about it.

”I have sat through, I cannot tell you, how many long-winded, loquacious, boring, fluffy, noisy discussions about outreach and how to get clients. And I cannot stress enough just how above and beyond the value that you gave in this particular presentation was. That was really cool, man!”

Joining CopySkills™ gives you the opportunity to attend this workshop live…

Get all your questions answered…

And get access to a recording of the event inside the community.

But you’re also getting access to:

  • 3 courses on content marketing, email marketing and social selling
  • Playbooks on specific topics related to copywriting and running a business
  • 9 guest lectures from experts on writing, sales, mindset, business, personal branding and more
  • The ability to ask any question, any time in our community and get an answer same-day
  • Office hours 4 times a week if you prefer showing up to a live call

…And much more.

Come for the workshop and stay for all the additional value you’re getting.

If you’re a copywriter and you want clients…

This is a no-brainer decision.

If you aren’t a copywriter but you work with clients and you want more of them…

This is a no-brainer decision.

If you are a copywriter or you aren’t a copywriter but you work with clients and you don’t have any problems getting clients but you want to master your craft and get better at marketing and running your business…

This is a no-brainer decision.

>>> See you inside 😉

– Nabeel

P.S. There’s a special surprise if you become a lifetime member.

But I only have 4 of these special surprises left.

You’ll have to join to find out what it is.

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