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Had this question come up in CopySkills™ from one of our new members.

In my day job I have a very public role in my local community. I find this job very rewarding and satisfying. But the thing is this job also comes with extra attention to my personal life.

I have stumbled upon copywriting and believe that copywriting will help me financially as well as being able to use copywriting skills for my job.

But I am holding myself back from establishing myself as a (part-time) copywriter as I am unwilling to use my real personal details for my copywriting.

I dont want people to know I am doing copywriting on the side.

Now recently Nabeel Azeez mentioned about pseudonymous brands and this seems like a very good solution to my concerns. This is something I will have to explore and figure out how to implement.

But what are your thoughts about my situation. Is the pseudonymous brand approach the way to go? Has anyone already done this?

He’s referring to my recent interview with John Caprani; let me know if you haven’t seen it yet.

And John was referring to a recent tweet of mine, where I said…

“Being a personal brand I used to shit on nyms until I realized I was being a boomer. A pseudonymous brand is superior to a personal brand in many ways. As the internet gets accustomed to buying from nyms, a personal brand loses all advantage.”

It’s true.

SaaSWiz, Sol Brah, Wiz of Ecom, Raw Egg Nationalist, the BowTied jungle…

And so many other anons…

Are building serious brands…

And making serious money…

On Twitter and other platforms.

You don’t need to reveal your name and face online to do business anymore.

Moreover, in some ways…

Posting under a pseudonym is easier than posting under your real name…

Because it introduces constraints.

Here’s my response to our CopySkills™ member.

A pseudonymous brand is perfect for you. There are many examples of copywriters promoting their services under a pseudonym. Mostly on Twitter but on other platforms too.

You won’t have the option of cold outreach via LinkedIn or Facebook, since they require real names, but there are workarounds for that. You’ll also have to make some adjustments to how you present yourself online.

Meaning, you’ll have to pick a starting niche, which I generally don’t recommend. This will make it easier for people to understand who you are and what you do. And your other online properties will need to match this persona you’ll create. Your domain name, your email address and so on.

But how do you get clients if no one knows who you are?

How can people trust you enough to give you their money?

Make them a good offer.

That’s how.

Provide a solution to a problem.

No one will care who you are.

They’ll only care that you get results.

This is true whether you’re anonymous or not.

If you want to know how to create offers clients pay for…

Without needing a sales call…

Join me in CopySkills™ tomorrow for our live workshop:

How to Get Your First (or Next) Copywriting Client

– Nabeel

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