Friendship ended with Gumroad

Shame it had to come to this…

I was a bonafide Gumroad simp.

Out of all the eCommerce tools on the market it was the best value for money.

  • Easy to use so you can launch products fast
  • Native integrations with the tools I use like ConvertKit and Circle
  • Reasonable fees that reduced as you grew

All that’s gone now.

You may have heard some of your favourite internet marketers…

Lament Gumroad’s new fees.

They take 10% off every transaction.

And that doesn’t include credit card processing or PayPal fees.

All-in, you’re taking a haircut of close to 15%.

In my case, my payment processing fees tripled after the rate hike.

But I’m a small-timer on the platform.

There are vendors doing 6 figures a month on Gumroad.

That means, for every $100,000 they make…

They pay $10,000 to Gumroad…

Plus another $3000-$5000 in card processing/PayPal fees.

To put that in perspective…

Here are the highest-tier subscriptions for a few of Gumroad’s competitors

  • ClickFunnels is $297/month
  • SamCart is $299/month
  • Thrivecart is $690 lifetime

And the Gumroad power-users aren’t taking it lying down.

AJAC has already switched to ThriveCart.

I’m guessing he does $30k-$50k per month in revenue on the low end.

Old Gumroad’s cut was 3%.

Which means…

AJAC leaving lost them $900-$1500 per month.

And that’s just one example.

All of Money Twitter is, or was, on Gumroad.

Sure, a few will stay, but most will leave.

What I’m Using Instead of Gumroad

Internet marketers, particularly the advanced ones, used to clown Gumroad but I always defended them.

I felt its lack of features were balanced out by its easy of use and cost.

But I can never again, in good conscience, recommend them.

  • For the CopySkills™ membership I’m using Circle’s native payment processing
  • For my other products and consulting I’ll be using a combination of Samcart & Stripe
  • When I launch the subscription for MuslimMan™ it’ll be on BeeHiiv’s native payment processing

While in the process of migrating for the time being you can still find my digital products on Gumroad.

>>> 40 Hadith on Masculinity for example 👉

Talk soon,

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