TFW I Hit Send & Make Money

On day one of running an affiliate promotion for the Secret Email System, I made commissions of $51.26:

affiliate marketing commissions

Not bad for writing a few emails and hitting send

With promotions like this, there’s always a competition to see who can make the most sales.

On launch day, i.e. day one, I was in 45th place.

Here’s the affiliate leaderboard as of the beginning of day 4:

affiliate leaderboard rankings

From 45th place to 9th place in 4 days

When I started the promotion, my email list size was just 454 people.

I’m competing against full-time affiliate marketers with list sizes in the 10s, if not 100s of thousands.

Now, I normally don’t share how much money I make in public.

But I made an exception here to demonstrate something.

Making money online is…

As simple as writing an email and hitting send

All you need…

Is a product to sell…

And a list to sell to.

You don’t need a massive audience.

You don’t need complicated marketing tactics.

Hell, you don’t even need to be a copywriter.

Because product owners who work with affiliates…

Give you swipe files you can copy and paste.

Here’s an example of one of the email swipes Matt Bacak gave us:

swipe file example for affiliates

The trick to using email swipes is editing

I mean, the only way they could make this easier…

Is if they sent the emails for you.

If you download the Secret Email System today…

And you take immediate action…

You can start making commissions today.

I’ve shown you the proof.

And for a limited time – until the end of the week…

The Secret Email System is just $37 $5.60.

You’ll save $31.40 if you download it today.

After the launch is over, the price goes up to $37.

Click here to start making your affiliate commissions today…

ethical email marketing

Download the Secret Email System now

Bonus: a gift to help you get started

Don’t forget about the Secret Email System Quick-Start Guide.

My gift to you when you download the Secret Email System.

The Secret Email System Quick-Start Guide includes:

  1. Bonus #1: Quick-Start Tech Stack – The exact tools I’ll personally use when I implement the Secret Email System.
  2. Bonus #2: Quick-Start List Building – The exact tactics I’d use to get my first 100 subscribers if I was starting from zero.
  3. Bonus #3: Quick-Start Brand Building – The exact method I’d use, knowing what I know now, to build a social media audience from scratch.

To claim this bonus gift, simply:

  1. Download the Secret Email System
  2. Take a screenshot of your receipt
  3. Email a copy of this receipt to

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