How to use the “hot girl effect” for client acquisition

“You don’t work with anyone who’s not subscribed to your list. What’s the strategy behind this? How has it impacted your business?” – Asked during an interview in 2017 (I’d been a part-time copywriter for a year at that point)

Zoomers call it “Main Character Syndrome.” If you aren’t a gamer, I’ve also heard it called the “Hot Girl Effect.” It’s funny, I used to think I was so smart to position myself as premium and exclusive when I was starting out. In my mind it was a Bigbrain move to command higher rates. And do you know how it worked out?

For 3 years I struggled. For 3 years I was a brokie. First as a part-time copywriter – had a salary to fall back on – then as a full-time copywriter – had savings to fall back on. In both cases I was full of s***. A wannabe. Here’s a section of copy from my first homepage.

Lookit, the truth is I want you to say NO to me because I’m very selective of who I work with. I need fewer clients, not more. That’s why I don’t work with anyone who isn’t already subscribed to my email newsletter. Let me explain why this ultimately helps you. First, I’ll be teaching you exactly what it is I do so you can implement it on your own if you want (and you probably will, if you ever get to hear how much I charge.) Second, you will have plenty of time to get to know me and get a feel for my personality so you can make damn sure we’re a good fit before you ask for my help. Third, if you’re on my list I’ll know you’re not a bulls***er, so when you do ask for my help I’ll be more inclined to entertain you.

😭 LMAO! This mf had ZERO clients the way an anon redpill account has ZERO hoes. But you know what? This is something I can pull off now. I have the results and reputation to back it up. If I did this today it would feel congruent. I know other copywriters who do, like Zarak. He only works with clients who are subscribers of his paid email newsletter. Dan Kennedy is another example. He’s famous for being difficult to contact, you can only reach him by fax, and work with, a long list of conditions and prerequisites come with paying his rich rates.

This is the Hot Girl Effect in action. Hot Girls don’t approach you, you approach them. Hot Girls have options. They make demands. It is your honour and privilege to be granted a whiff of her perfume while in her general vicinity. She is the Prize. She chooses you and she’s in control, never the other way around.

And when you have the wherewithal to pull it off, the Hot Girl Effect is the most powerful client acquisition technique there is. Imagine customers auditioning to give you money. Imagine them paying your fee in advance to get on a waiting list to work with you. Imagine charging 10X your normal rate to get a customer to go away and them saying yes because you’re in such high demand. This is probability, not possibility. BUT you can’t fake it. You gotta be about that life. Can’t be New Money pretending to be Old Money. The only people who’ll fall for it are No Money.

Do you use exclusivity in your business? If you don’t, if you had to use it, how would you?

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