How I respond to cold emails/DMs (many entrepreneurs do it wrong)

An entrepreneur is being dragged on Money Twitter for calling out another young entrepreneur who DM’d him (I’ve linked to his tweet below.) The victim is a newbie, likely just starting out, trying to make a living. On top of the rejection he had to face the ignominy of being put on blast. For what? Sending a DM?

Totally unnecessary imo. If someone sends you a cold DM or email and you’re not interested, say no and move on. It takes less than 30 seconds. If you’re feeling charitable, give them some pointers to improve their outreach.

Everyone who cold emails/DMs me gets treated with respect.

Thank you for reaching out. I’m not interested.

No thank you sir.

That’s all you have to say. It requires no effort to be respectful. There’s no upside to being disrespectful. Besides, what goes around comes around. Do you want bad business karma?

In CopySkills™ we teach client acquisition the same way. That is, treating your prospects with respect and being a professional. This approach works for novices and experts alike. Novices need it more because many think they have to pretend they’re someone they ain’t to get clients. Being honest and sincere gets you more cachet in the long run. Also, prospects take notice and are more inclined to help you.

I remember a cold DM from a young copywriter, Nate Schmidt. He was honest and sincere. He had nothing of value to offer me but because of his authenticity I helped him anyway. I won’t call him a mentee because we only had 2 coaching calls. But he took one piece of advice I gave him and ran with it. Since then, his businesses have made millions of dollars. That is the value of respect and professionalism.

For more info on CopySkills™, read this.

The offending tweet in question. Read the replies and quotes.

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Link to tweet

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