How I respond to unsolicited feedback

“Nabeel, I love to read your emails but this new format/software type is not so good. It seems like the disclaimer is longer than the actual email.”

Something felt off. My beardly senses were tingling. I looked up his email engagement in BerserkerMail. He was full of it. Here’s my response:

You “love” reading my emails…
But you’ve only opened 3 of my last 20 emails…
And you don’t want to click a link that leads to a blog post…
Which is exactly the same as reading an email.
I’ve unsubscribed you manually.

The grayest of gray mail. He also wasn’t a customer. YUCK! Nevertheless, I was respectful.

Look, I don’t expect free subscribers to buy anything from me. But the least they can do is engage with the emails. Otherwise I don’t want them on my list.

The lesson in this for you?

Almost every piece of unsolicited feedback you get can be ignored with prejudice. In fact, a cursory examination will reveal the people giving you this unsolicited feedback have no idea what they’re talking about.

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