How much copy do you need?

If you’re like most business owners who’ve bought marketing services in the past…

You’ve probably wondered…

Why is copywriting so expensive?

Here’s why I believe the majority of business owners under-budget for copy…

And the majority of copywriters under-charge for their work.

We’re preparing a Challenge Funnel for a client that needs to work on cold traffic.

I counted up the deliverables.

  • 6 landing pages
  • 4 video scripts
  • 30 emails
  • 30 SMS
  • 10 space ads

…If you want to do a thorough job and you want the funnel to convert.

Can you imagine budgeting only $3000 for this much work?

The emails alone are worth $6000 minimum.

And that’s before we get into value-based pricing.

Yes, you’re paying for good copy.

That’s a given.

But you’re also paying for volume.

It’s fair to say you’re grossly underestimating how many pieces of copy you need…

To market your business successfully.

And sure, you can get by with Upwork or Fiverr.

It’s better than trying to do it yourself.

But you’re better off working with someone long-term…

Because it takes time to get familiar with your business and your market…

And that’s difficult to do with gig workers.

Your best option is hiring someone in-house…

Or contracting out to an agency like Dropkick Copy.

– Nabeel

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