Is she broke or lazy?

Saw another video of a Canadian woman crying on TikTok about being broke despite working a full-time job.

I felt a little sympathy the first time I saw a chick doing this.

But now it looks like they’re doing it for attention and donations from simps.

She works 40 hours a week making $21/hour.

That means she has enough free time to get a part-time job or freelance. If I was her, I would freelance.

Just 5 hours per week at her current hourly rate would give her an additional $420 per month.

One hour per weekday or she can do all 5 on the weekends.

Spend 20 hours learning a money-making skill like copywriting.

That’s month one.

Month two, go find clients.

There are 2,951,629 businesses in Canada.

She could charge $20/hour but there’s no need.

She’s better off charging $500-$1000 per month to write emails or handle social media.

Month three, get another client.

Now she’s making $1000-$2000 per month extra.

Rinse and repeat.

ONE client is all she’d need to make life-changing money.

She’d go from having $9 per month discretionary spending to having $500+.

Or she can cry about it.

– Nabeel

P.S. Another money-making skill she could learn:

Community building/community management.

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