How to hit more home runs

I don’t follow baseball but like me you probably know who Babe Ruth is. Unless you’re an interstellar migrant alien who just got to this planet. Ruth is the Home Run King; he hit 714 during his career. This was long before steroids in sports, btw. Only two other players have bested him, both more recent.

So how do you hit the most home runs? You get the most At-Bats. Ruth is also the Strike-Out King; 1330 during his career.

Success is a numbers game. The more opportunities you give yourself to succeed, the more you are opening yourself up to failure. School educates this out of you but in the real world failure is not a big deal. Because the beautiful thing about having an entrepreneurial mindset is you only need to be right once.

Take my emails, for instance. A single email I write could be the spark that leads to a massive payday. When you sell high-ticket services, one project or retainer can potentially cover your business and personal expenses for the entire year. All I need to do is keep stepping up to the plate and taking those At-Bats.

Do not underestimate the power of consistency compounded. This principle applies to any kind of content creation; blogging, podcasting, youtubing, livestreaming, etc. And the ideal scenario here is to compound your work even further by repurposing across all channels.

For example, In writing every day for almost a month, I now have material for 6 months of weekly blog posts. I can also repurpose these into videos and podcasts. Another way would be for you to:

  • start with a live stream,
  • then upload the audio file as a podcast,
  • then transcribe the podcast and edit it down into a blog post,
  • then turn the blog post into an email

Both ways work but I like the email to video approach because you have more time to polish the material before recording. And email is a low-stakes way to test new ideas before putting them out into the internet. But don’t forget the key, which is consistency.

What you’ve just seen me describe is my high-level philosophy on content strategy. It’s simple and it works. You can implement it yourself starting today. Or if you want me to do it for you, book a call.

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