I want to give you $8 for sharing my book (become an affiliate)

Because you bought 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man I’m inviting you to become an affiliate to help me get the book to more people.  Affiliates will make $8 for every sale.  This offer is only for readers who have bought and read my book.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re interested, reply below
  • I will send you a short affiliate application form
  • Once your application is approved you’ll get a unique affiliate link and a unique 10% off discount code
  • Recommend the book to your friends, family and colleagues and share your link & discount code
  • If they use your link and buy within 30 days of visiting the web page, you will get credit for the sale

How you’ll be paid:

  • Your commission will be paid out after 45 days. This is because we have a 30-day money back guarantee
  • There is a minimum payout amount of $20. Meaning, you need to sell at least 3 books before a payout can be processed
  • Payouts will only be sent via PayPal. If you can’t receive money via PayPal, you can’t be an affiliate for us

You don’t need to be a big-shot influencer or profesh content creator to sell as an affiliate. It’s as simple as recommending the book to your friends and family.

This can happen:

  • On social media
  • Over text message
  • In person

To make it easy for you to promote the book I will share copy-paste scripts you can use.

It helps if you’ve actually read the book.  A few weeks ago when I sent out a request to interview book buyers, I got replies back from people saying they hadn’t read it yet. Why buy a book if you’re not going to read it?

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