If you’re a noob stop poasting value

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I feel bad for this dude.

He’s just an email marketer trying to get some visibility.

Only problem is he did it the wrong way…

By poasting “value.”

Tried to value-poast in a FB group and got roasted by the group owner, an internet marketing legend

Now there’s nothing wrong with teaching what you know.

It’s the best way to demonstrate expertise.

But that presupposes you have expertise and know what you’re talking about.

When you don’t…

When what you’re poasting is wrong…

That happens 👆

See those 112 comments there?

That’s 112 people joining in to roast him, whether they have a clue or not (most dont, they’re just following the group owner’s lead.)

And he may never recover…

Because people nowadays are too weak to endure criticism.

Sidebar: I see this with our CopySkills™ members.

One blunt copy critique, one less-than-favourable piece of feedback…

And they have a meltdown.

They stop submitting work and they stop showing up entirely.

Many such cases.

I don’t feel bad for them.

On the contrary, I think to myself… Really, you’re that soft?

If you’re a noob… don’t valuepoast.

You don’t have enough experience to put what you know in context.

So your poasts end up being half-baked and specious at best…

Or downright wrong at worst.

Don’t fake it till you make it (terrible advice btw.)

If you feel like an impostor 9 times out of 10 it’s ’cause you are one.

So where does that leave you with regard to content marketing and promoting your services online?

Well, if you’re a noob copywriter…

Don’t poast.

Focus on mastering your craft, getting better clients and doing client work.

And if you must poast…

There’s only one type of content you can credibly speak on.

I’ll be talking more about this in an upcoming workshop for Kyle Milligan’s Copy Squad.

The workshop isn’t about content marketing.

It’s about how to get your first 1-3 clients as a noob copywriter without spending a penny.

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