Video ads agency in a box

If you watch the mini-VSL on the sales page for Anvar’s course…

Ecom Creative Powerhouse

You’ll notice something interesting.

The course is designed to help brand owners build in-house creative teams…

So they can create direct response video ads at scale.

Anvar’s giving away his secret sauce in the hopes that…

Brand owners will buy the course, go through it and say…

F this I’m just gonna hire Anvar’s team to do it for me.

But every course of this nature has an unintended side-effect.

Ambitious entrepreneurs can use the knowledge, systems and processes to…

Clone Anvar’s agency!

I mean, what is this…

  • My Agency’s A-Z Process For Scripting, Shooting and Editing CPA-melting video ads for Meta & TikTok
  • 21 Winning Scripwriting Frameworks For UGC, VSL & Non-narrated Ads Tested On $50m In Spend
  • Database Of 347+ Vetted Actors and Content Creators To Save Thousands Of $$$ Wasted On Bad Talent
  • The NEW Way Of Producing Thumb-Stopping Hooks & B-rolls, That Will 2x Your Avg. Playtime & Cut Your Ad Costs
  • Step-By-Step Guide For Hiring, Vetting & Training Your In-house Creative Team, For 1/3rd Of Agencies’ Retainers
  • 13 High-Impact Iterations To Multiply The Scale Of Your Winning Campaigns And Prevent “Creative Fatigue”
  • Our Creative Testing & Scaling System For Scaling To $20k/Day (and beyond…)
  • And a lot more to help you win…

…Other than an agency business in a box?

Even if you’d rather be a solo consultant for video ads…

You gotta admit…

This is a great place to start.

>>> Screw email copywriting… become an ecom creative powerhouse 👉

– Nabeel

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