Just launch it (whatever it is)

“You’re launching a course…what are a few lessons learned so far? Especially since you’re in the thick of it…” – I was asked during my unaired interview with the Copywriter Club

Who the hell am I to be creating a course when I’m still learning and I still have so many goals achieve? I’m not even an expert. Then I sort of come to my senses and think, OK, it’s not about you. You’re trying to help people. Will creating this course help your audience or not? If it will, you have to do it.

That’s the first thing. The second thing is I’m the only person in the entire world who can create this course, this way. No one else alive or dead has the same background, the same life experiences, the same personality, the same voice, the same whatever. Whenever I frame my work this way, it becomes much easier to overcome my internal objections.

The third thing is a course launch, or a launch of any other product, is based on a system. You need to stick to the system if you want to see results. Like following a workout program. All of them work as long as you pick one and stick to it.

The mistake I’ve made in the past is consuming large amounts of material on entrepreneurship from different sources. It can leave you with paralysis by analysis. The truth is, had I stuck to one “guru” and one system, I’d be much further along. The upside? I now know what not to do. And I hope I don’t make the same mistakes.

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