70% of your subscribers DGAF (data from my recent list warmup)

Moving to BerserkerMail I uploaded 2837 subscribers. A mix of customers and non-customers from several sources. Many of these emails are several years old. Some are my Day Ones who’ve been with me since 2017. Like fellow copywriter Paige Swaffer and Twitter friend Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes.

Nevertheless, I put everyone through the most aggressive warmup campaign I’ve ever written. 4 emails a day for 5 days. An email every 6 hours. Asking you to click, reply or unsubscribe. The only reason you’re seeing this email is because you engaged. Thank you.

Do you want to know how well the warmup campaign did? I’ll use round numbers to keep it simple.

  • 500 people engaged and stayed on the list
  • 300 people engaged and unsubscribed
  • 2,000 people… did absolute f*** all; they’re now in a sunset campaign and will be deleted if they don’t show signs of life

That means 70% of my subscribers… and perhaps 70% of your subscribers… DGAF. They don’t click. They don’t buy. They don’t even do you the courtesy of unsubscribing even though your emails are clearly of no use to them. These are the worst kind of subscribers to have.

This lack of engagement is one of the reasons why I took down all my public opt-in forms. Now, the only way to get on my mailing list is to buy something, join CopySkills™ or become a client.

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