Lessons from Hormozi’s book launch

Alex Hormozi launched his new book $100M Leads yesterday.

Were you at the webinar?

Apparently 500,000 people signed up.

And people who showed up late had trouble logging in.

Here are 7 things I learned from the webinar and the promotion leading up to it.

1. When launching a new product start promoting early.

I think they were posting about the webinar and running ads for a month.

This is not because people need advance notice.

Most of your audience won’t see your message.

And those who do need to hear it many times before they’ll take action.

2. The classic long-form webinar still works when done right.

“Right” means a lot of things here – authority, goodwill, incentives, content, delivery etc.

I never show up to live online events because I prefer to watch the replay at 2x speed.

But for this, I showed up early and stayed until the end.

3. Proof is the best persuasion.

Every aspect of this launch was proof and a demonstration that Hormozi knows how to do marketing.

When he taught concepts in his webinar he tied every single one to real experience in one of his businesses.

In fact he made me realize how little proof I have for the things know about marketing and rethink how I present my business.

4. The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs on the planet know very little about marketing.

I was surprised by all the normies in the chat when Hormozi went through the offer stack.

The chat went nuts when he gave it away for free.

5. All the people criticizing this launch, the webinar, the book etc are far less successful than Hormozi.

I’ve made this mistake in the past and realized how stupid I was being.

Just get over yourself, Nabeel, and learn what you can from the guy.

6. Most of your audience are freeloaders and will never buy anything from you.

The sooner you come to terms with that, the more peace of mind you’ll have as an entrepreneur.

I saw this chick post in a marketing Facebook group:

Who has hot-takes about the Hormozi webinar?

Not a single hot-take in the comments.

Here are two.

First, if you watched Hormozi’s free content for 2 years…

Came to the live webinar…

Saw how much he’s giving away…

And didn’t buy at least 1 copy of the Collector’s Edition…

You will never be successful.

7. Most people who claim to be marketers don’t care about marketing and are LARPers.

This is the second hot take because of the amount of omg why is he being so promotional and salesy during the webinar b!tch@ss-ed-ness I saw.

Anyway, seems like the launch was a success because Hormozi’s team sent out an email saying they sold 200,000 Collector’s Editions out of 300,000 printed.

I expect they’ll sell the rest over the next 24-48 hours.

I bought a 10-pack of the hard covers.

I’ll be giving them away to the next 10 people who become lifetime members of CopySkills™.

– Nabeel

P.S. If you’re a business owner and implementing all of Hormozi’s $100M Leads strategies is too much work for you, reach out.

Dropkick Copy can help.

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