How to get your first copy client

Friday 25th August 2023.

12 pm New York / 5 pm London / 8 pm Dubai.

Live workshop.

Recordings available.

How to Get Your First Copywriting Client

EVEN IF you have NO experience and NO results


1-month scholarship for CopySkills if you send me your receipt.

Stuff we’ll cover:

  • How to fix the invisible “ick” you’re giving off when you reach out to prospects
  • ​The simple-yet-obvious reason why you aren’t getting clients (No, it’s not your copy)
  • Why you keep getting ignored or ghosted
  • Becoming nichesexual, the only RIGHT way to niche down & not kill your progress
  • The only content you ought to post as a n00b copywriter
  • How to go from “send me your portfolio” to “invoice paid.”
  • The only emotion you need to convey to get clients with no experience or results
  • The unappetizing and downright unsanitary food you can eat to get clients
  • How to “blue check” your online presence without being verified
  • Follow-up game and how to stay top-of-mind without pissing off your prospects
  • How to get clients as a copywriter without selling Copywriting (with a capital C)
  • The 4 buying archetypes you can use to sell anything to anyone
  • How to go from DM to paid in 60 minutes or less WITHOUT getting on a sales call
  • Live objection handling. Get custom responses to your most common objections
  • Why spending money won’t solve your client-getting problems
  • The 100% free “tech stack” you can use to start landing clients today

…And much more!

>>> Get your first – or next – copywriting client 👉

– Nabeel

P.S. Remember to send me your receipt if you want the 1-month scholarship for CopySkills™.

P.P.S. I’m bringing a special guest with me so you DO NOT want to miss this workshop.

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