Mexican handyman writes better than you

Saw this on Twitter today.

A Mexican handyman left a hand-written (or what appears to be hand-written) sales letter on this entrepreneur’s doorstep.

I’ll briefly mention what makes this an almost perfect ad for his business.

For a hi resolution photo of this letter, see the postscript

Here’s what makes the letter special:

  • Handwritten. Personal correspondence. Doesn’t look like junk mail.
  • Clear headline with curiosity, benefit and urgency
  • Empathy. “We did not want to bother you…” and “I’m writing this letter to you personally.”
  • Simple english. No jargon. Clear offer.
  • Unique mechanism. OHT (what’s OHT? You have to read to find out.)
  • Answers common objections via unique mechanism and artwork.
  • One clear call to action.

There are machines that write “hand-written” letters.

Fascinating contraptions.

Price per letter varies depending on how many you want to send.

I don’t believe this letter is one of those.

It’s messy.

There are mistakes that have been written over.

In fact, if it was machine-written and they designed it this way, they’re geniuses.

In any case, I wish more copywriters wrote like this.

But they’re too busy “copywriting” to make the sale.

Oh, I forgot to mention the most powerful “sales tactic” used in this letter.


– Nabeel

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P.P.S. If you own a local business and want me to write you a letter like this for a direct mail campaign, book a call.

P.P.P.S. Here’s the high resolution photo of this letter.

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