I’m a brown samurai

My sister sent me this picture of our maternal great grandfather over WhatsApp.

Tuan Jamaldeen

Our family are ethnic Malay Sri Lankans.

Tuan Jamaldeen is Malaysian.

But his great grandfather was Japanese.

That means my great great great great grandfather was Japanese.

Making me and my siblings as much as 1/64th Japanese or 1.56%.

I shall walk around in a kimono, wearing two katanas henceforth.

Isn’t it interesting how little we know of our ancestry and heritage?

This is not the case in other cultures.

For example, some Arabs can recite their lineage for many generations from memory.

At one point I could recite the Prophet Mohammed’s ﷺ lineage going back to Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him.

Some Muslims can recite the Prophet Mohammed’s ﷺ lineage all the way back to Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, but to go back past Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, one must rely on apocryphal reports.

There’s no marketing or business lesson in this email.

I just thought it was cool so I wanted to share it with you.

– Nabeel

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