My $300,000 prediction came true

Last year I predicted we’d add at least $300,000 to this client’s revenue.

My prediction came true.

If you run paid traffic to a book-a-call funnel…

I’m going to show you how to slash your cost per booked call and…

Add hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional top-line revenue…

Without improving your ads.

You’re about to see the results of one year of consistently emailing your list 3 times a week.


  • 1089 sales calls booked
  • 89 front end units sold
  • 9.81 bookings per email on average
  • 0.80 new clients per email on average
  • $317,180.49 front-end revenue from email
  • $217,843.02 cash collected or 68.70%
  • 20-30% of total revenue from email
  • 10.3X ROI

With an UNDERPERFORMING sales team (you’ll see why in the video)

Client Background

  • Financial niche
  • Group coaching offer
  • $5,000 nominal price point (again, you’ll see why)
  • Main traffic source was YT ads
  • No organic presence

What We Did

  • 3 emails per week
  • Resend to unopens on off days with new subject/preview
  • Direct response with hard sell and one CTA to book a call
  • No content, no “value”

How We’d Improve Results

With a few improvements to our email strategy and their offer and sales process…

This client can more than double their email revenue.

You’ll have to watch until the end to find out what those improvements are 😉

video preview

Enjoy 😉

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