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Earlier this week I posted an abrasive rant inside CopySkills™.

I sent the same rant to you in an email.

Beyond the profanity in the rant….

I also used verboten words not uttered in politically correct company.

Words like gay and retarded.

On purpose.

I’ll explain why in a second.

Shortly after publishing my rant, I got a DM from one of our members.

“We have gays in CopySkills™.”
“That’s OK, I don’t think our gay members would want us to walk on eggshells on their account.”
“OK. I don’t know them well.”
“Then why are you messaging on their behalf?”

I like this member and I was being polite.

The subtext of my message was…

“Why are you getting offended on someone else’s behalf?”

I actually don’t know whether anyone in CopySkills™ is gay.

I never asked.

And they never said anything.

Because it’s not relevant. And I don’t care.

But if there are any and if they were offended, they would’ve messaged me.

Or they would’ve objected by leaving a comment under my post.

Or they would’ve canceled their membership.

But it’s 2023 so let’s be honest…

They really would’ve done all three AND tried to cancel me.

But none of these things happened.

So our well-meaning member’s worry was misplaced.

The thing is, I’ve been “canceled” twice before.

And still, I used those words.


  1. One, because I try my best not to self-censor.
  2. Two, because I don’t want CopySkills™ members or anyone I associate with to self-censor.
  3. Three, because I don’t believe minorities want, need or deserve special treatment.
  4. Four, because if you don’t like my beliefs, who I am or the way I talk, I want you to voluntarily disassociate from me (by unsubscribing, for example.)
  5. Five, because when it comes to business I genuinely do not give a fuck where you’re from, what your genitalia are or who you have sex with.

Bitches, fags, lesbos and trannies are welcome… if your copy converts. Don’t like this brand of inclusion? Tap the unsubscribe link below.

It’s interesting to note that my TRUE “inclusivity” (such a bullshit word) is not reciprocated by the rainbow mafia and its acolytes.

But it doesn’t matter.

They can suck a dick, pun intended.

“A revolution is nothing more than a group of men standing in one place and saying ‘Enough!’”

You too can use repulsion in your marketing.

And you don’t have to be vulgar like me.

You can be subtle about it.

Microaggressions, if you will (another bullshit word.)

For example, unless I’m talking about a specific woman, I only use masculine pronouns.

A CEO is always a he.

Salesman, not salesperson.


But I go even further.

I associate masculine pronouns with positive situations and feminine pronouns with negative situations.

Here’s an example from the CopySkills™ manifesto:

“The strategist has advanced skills and knows all the right clients who pay the big bucks. He charges based on value. He gets paid royalties. And he works a 3-day work week. The labourer is the one the strategist delegates to. She gets paid by the hour if she’s lucky, by the word if she’s not. No royalties for her. And 60 to 80-hour workweeks.”

I started doing this ever since I heard Seth Godin exclusively use feminine pronouns as descriptors.

And you might think these distinctions are silly but you’d be dead wrong because…

Words are magic

That’s why a profession like copywriting exists.

If you want to change the way people think and behave…

If you want to be a magician…

>>> Join CopySkills™ 👉

Love, peace and chicken grease,

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