Patois ain’t just for Jamaicans

I spoke to X and we’ve fixed the issue.

Village by the sea.

Stay humble and stack sats.

Gach rud, the tradition will live on forever.

It’s Hotep Thursday.

Recognize any?

You would if you were in the right community.

Shared language makes people feel like they’re in a tribe.

Like they know something others don’t.

Like they’re with their people.

In-group members behave more favourably to each other than to out-group members.

Many racial and ethnic communities would rather do business with each other.

If you can create an in-group with your audience, a sub-culture of your own, you’ll access a tool of persuasion as old as humanity.

One of the reasons why email lists and podcasts are so powerful.

An email subscriber or podcast listener is of a higher quality and worth more than a YouTube subscriber or TikTok follower.

And when you layer on shared language you deepen the relationship.

Speak in a patois your audience understands and your non-audience does not.

They’ll love and reward you for it.

– Nabeel

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