“That won’t work in our market” (snowflakery)

A scrub-scriber sent this response to an autoresponder I set up for a client. If I had 100 Sats for every time some clueless square said this I’d be able to retire. Here’s what he said plus 5 reasons why he’s wrong and I’m write.

“I wonder if these strategic emails are gonna work in this market. I tried them before, was okay to response.” [sic]

There are buncha problems with this kind of thinking and basically any argument or train of thought summarized as, “I’m a special snowflake so that won’t work for me.” I’m going to try to list them in this email and see how far we get.

1. My market is different

Bullshit. A market is made up of people. And people haven’t changed in tens of thousands of years. The core drivers of human behavior remain the same. Therefore, the fundamentals of marketing still work and will continue to work on everyone.

For example, if you want to sell something to men, you sell them on one of the 3 Ws. Women, wallet, waistline.

2. This might turn off some people

You’re GD right it will. I want it to. I want it to turn off people who aren’t a good fit and focus on the ones who are my ideal customers.

3. We tried it and it didn’t work

Maybe your copywriter was a n00b. Maybe you didn’t implement the automation correctly. Maybe you went out and bought a trash list instead of getting qualified subscribers the right way. In any case, your failures aren’t mine.

4. This is how we’ve always done it

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. – Old-time motivational quote

“We BEEN doin’ it that way.” This doesn’t mean much in an environment where we still sell door-to-door and businesses are lighting millions of dirhams a year on fire buying billboards. I’m SO GLAD we’re not doing it your way.

5. I don’t like it and I’m going to tell you

Hate and love are the same emotion in the eyes of a marketer. The fact our interlocutor took the time to reply at all, means the marketing worked. The worst-case, epic fail scenario is when people don’t care at all. You want 9s and 10s… 1s and 2s… NEVER 5s, 6s or 7s.

Are you someone who does things just to do them or are you deliberate in your work? Let me know in the comments.

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