What to do when your sales page bombs

Here are two sets of funnel stats for the same biz opp offer.

Funnel A: Zero Optins

Funnel A bombs…

Ignore the two signups.

They’re from me and the client.

Mea culpa.

I wrote the sales page – funnel A – with one appeal:

“Start your own business.”

Turns out it was the wrong one for this audience.

We could’ve let it run another day but as soon as I looked at the stats my gut said something’s wrong.

So I message the client and let him know.

“Maybe the appeal I used isn’t working.”

So he gives me a different angle:

“Maybe it’s more about helping people than making money… the value of doing something that’s impactful and fulfilling.”

There goes my sales page.

I didn’t want to rewrite it so I said…

“We could try a different version of the funnel. This way we could test the ‘helping people’ angle fast without rewriting the sales page.“

Thank God I learned how to write power offers and build mini webinar funnels from Joel Erway.

And thank God for my client, who’s a natural on camera and can freestyle for extended periods, ’cause I didn’t have to write a script for him.

I built the funnel, sent him the landing page and went to bed.

By the time I woke up the next morning he had recorded and sent me 7-minute mini-webinar based off of a headline and four bullets.

And he did it at the end of a long day of seeing clients – soldier.

I edited it myself – thank God for Descript – and published it.

So now we’re ready to test a brand new funnel in under 24 hours.

Funnel B: 62.5% Optin Rate

Funnel B bangs…

We’re not out of the woods yet.

This promo may still bomb.

But at least we now know we used the right appeal.

Couple of lessons in this story

For business owners:

When you choose a copywriter make sure they understand marketing and can do more than just write words.

A competent copywriter is the Green Beret of the marketing world.

You can drop him in any situation and he can make s*** happen.

For copywriters:

Clients don’t hire you to write words, they hire you to solve problems.

In the above example, I’m going above and beyond what the client hired me to do – a sales page and some launch emails – to make sure he gets an ROI.

You need to be able to diagnose problems and develop solutions, often on very short notice.

Otherwise, you have no business calling yourself a copywriter.

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P.S. Shoutout to CopySkills™ member Khalid Okanlawon who wrote a banger eComm email for a client and scored a major screenshot-worthy campaign response.

  • $6,215.08 revenue
  • 54.78% open rate
  • 3.61% click-through rate

Huge W for Khalid here. Respect.

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