Brand juggling

“What are you building? How do you get paid? How do you juggle all of it? How does it all fit together? How do you know when to say yes or no to an opportunity?”

I own 3 “businesses.” If that seems like too many, it is. Except for my consulting calling the other two businesses sounds silly. They’re more like hobbies that pay me. I really should focus on one and shut the other two down.

  • Dropkick Copy, my marketing agency
  • CopySkills™, my membership community
  • MuslimMan™, my media company

I used to have these dumb ideas about why juggling brands is a good thing. I’d say that they’re synergistic. Or that each brand is a credibility marker for my skills. Or that even though they’re bad business they help me develop complimentary skills. The truth is I get bored easily.  And I get excited by the prospect of new business models.

My main business is Dropkick Copy. Servicing clients is what I spend 90% of my time on. Thankfully, the other 2 don’t take much time. CopySkills™ needs a few hours a week to coach our members. MuslimMan™ needs a few hours a week to write a newsletter. They’re on maintenance mode but growing at a snail’s pace. Alhamdulillah, CopySkills™ and MuslimMan™ are cash flow positive otherwise I’d have no incentive to keep going.

In the coming year I’m going to have to make some hard decisions to delegate the day-to-day. Hiring writers is going to be a problem. I need them for all 3 businesses. Good copywriters are expensive and they don’t want to be employees. Freedom is why we chose this line of work.

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