Algomonkeys (dance monkey dance)

A content creator’s account stopped growing. Her solution? Create worse content. It worked. True story.

She was creating good content. Y’know, giving value. But her impressions were tanking and she was bleeding followers. Until she made one adjustment to her content that turned it around.

The adjustment? Making worse content. I’m not being sarcastic. The content is objectively worse. It doesn’t educate, entertain or inspire.

In fact, this content’s only purpose is to trick the platform’s algorithm into thinking the account is getting positive engagement signals… So that the platform shows the content to more people… So that the account can start growing again.

Growing? Who are these mindless followers? Do we even want them following us?

This is why direct marketers prefer to advertise. The relationship is transparent. We pay them money, they send us customers. If the platforms are going to f*** us at least we know the price up front. And we don’t have to be dancing monkeys for their algorithm.

Speaking of transparent, do you know whether your organic content makes moenay? Do you know which platforms give you the best return on time spent? How do you know?

I track my revenue using Hyros.

It’s the most accurate analytics tool out there. GA4 tracking is a smoke signal by comparison. By the way, don’t bother booking a call with Hyros unless you’re spending at least $10,000/month on ads. They’ll just cancel it.

If most of your sales come from organic, they have a good organic-only plan that’s $99/month.

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