The sea of sameness (gets worse with AI)

“What do we need to be cautious of while publishing content or providing services for clients in 2024?”

We talked about sTePpInG iNtO yOuR aUtHoRiTy in a previous post. It applies here also. I see a lot of entrepreneurs publishing tactical content. Problem is, everyone else is doing it, contributing to the sea of sameness. And as bad as it was before with SEOs ruining the web, it’s going to get worse. AI lets you pump out 100 times more SEO-optimized drivel at 1/1000th the cost.

Your challenge as a business owner is to create and publish content that has a point of view and demonstrates leadership. How do you do that?

  • You could pick a fight and take a contrarian approach to a common belief or practice.
  • You could use the High Ground maneuver and philosophize about your industry.
  • You could be a curator and become known for your sense of taste.

But if you want to be successful at content watch out for these two potholes, which are two sides of the same coin:

  1. The first is hiding your unpopular opinions. You’ll never be able to please everyone on the internet, so don’t bother. And don’t worry, because there are millions of people around the world who believe the same things you do.
  2. The second is saying what you think people want to hear. Remember that chick I mentioned a while back? The one who was “passionate about empowering women?” First-class ticket to mediocreville.

If your revolution has corporate sponsors you’re doing it wrong

The final challenge when publishing content is holding stuff back. I have to deal with this a lot when helping my clients. They don’t want to share ALL their knowledge and skills; their secret sauce. Because, they complain, if I tell them everything they won’t need me anymore.

Here’s the thing, DIY-ers will always do it themselves. They are not your customers unless they try it, screw up, then need your help to get results. Your customers are the people who read your material and think, wow! If this is what he’s giving away for free, imagine what he can do if we paid him.

P.S. Creating authority content needs a strong understanding of your personal values and business positioning. Both are an integral part of your content strategy. If you want help getting clarity on either, reply to this email and we’ll get on a 30-minute breakthrough strategy session.

Take my course Daily Content Machine for example. I give away all my secrets. How I come up with ideas. How turn 1 idea into 10+ posts. How I manage a content team. And much more. Any business owner could take it and replicate it internally. They don’t need to hire me. But my best clients watch it and realize… this is a lot of work, I might as well hire Nabeel to do it for me.

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