“Time travel” to get clients

Just finished hosting Laurel Portié in CopySkills™. She taught a workshop on how to get clients with $2 and $5 ads. By the end, everyone who was there felt ready to run their own ads. I’m excited to see our members launch their first campaigns.

But as I was listening to Laurel I realized something. Service providers like copywriters flounder and get discouraged when trying to get clients because they have no way to compress time-to-result.

Say it takes me 5 conversations to land a client. That won’t take long at all. So whether I do organic, paid or cold outreach doesn’t matter. But what if a beginner takes 100 conversations to land a client? Done manually, that’s going to take a long time. Even with automated cold outreach it’ll take 3 weeks minimum if everything goes perfect. And the thing is, they have no idea it’s going to take 100 conversations because they’re beginners. Cue frustration, anxiety, helplessness etc.

If they knew what to expect it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s one thing I’ve been drilling with our members. In fact I’m a doomer about it. I tell them it’s going to take 1000 cold messages to get a client. Once they’ve managed their expectations, things become easier. Because they can focus on the process. Don’t have a client? How many DMs have you sent? Oh, only 500? Send 500 more.

And once they know the numbers they need to hit, they can manipulate time-to-result. 100 conversations need to happen to get a client? They can happen over 2 months if you manually cold DM people… OR they can happen in 2 weeks by spending $5/day on a Facebook Messenger ads campaign.

This is time travel.  Same activity, same conversion rate… Outcome achieved 75% faster.

The replay of Laurel’s ads workshop will be up in CopySkills within the next couple of days. She taught us one stupid-simple, set-it-and-forget-it campaign to get clients that costs $5/day and can be launched in 5 minutes.  If you want access to the recording, all you have to do is join us.

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