Nate tweets banger abt makin munney

If you don’t know who Nate Schmidt is you probably should.

I gave him some advice 6 years ago.

He took that advice and made millions.

He’s my greatest marketing win.

Nate tweeted this recently.

“Every day that passes that you aren’t printing cash… it’s not just a missed opportunity. That money is LOST forever. Can make more in the future sure but the money you didn’t make today can NEVER be gotten back. You need to be printing NOW.” (Original)

Ain’t that the falafeling truth.

Opportunity cost is real.

Let’s say you’re a new copywriter.

You’re hand-copying, reading books, going through courses…

And doing the things you think will make you successful.

Except you’re wrong.

You’re doing the wrong things.

And that’s why you’re unsuccessful.

Because every day that passes that you aren’t getting clients…

Is not just a missed opportunity…

That client is lost forever.

Sure you can get clients in the future.

But the client you didn’t get today can never be closed.

You need to get clients NOW.

If you want to know how to get clients…

I’m hosting a live workshop this Friday called…

How to Get Your First Copywriting Client.

– Nabeel

P.S. Email me a copy of your receipt after you join and…

I’ll give you a 1-month scholarship to CopySkills.

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