The road to 100 members

CopySkills™ is at 88 members and growing daily.

Took longer than I expected but…

We’re going to hit our first 100 members in less than 1 year.

As soon as we hit 100 I’m planning to celebrate…

By giving the top 10 most engaged members in the community…

A free month of membership.

(Gonna PayPal them 20 bucks.)

Circle, the platform I built CopySkills™ on, tracks member engagement and gives them a score out of 10.

Our current leaderboard

But that’s not the only way our members can get a free month of CopySkills™.

I’m currently running a janky, manual AF affiliate program…

Open only to our current paying members.

If they refer new members who stick around for at least 45 days…

I’ll PayPal them 20 bucks.

Easiest way to make a profit on CopySkills™

If they refer 2 members a month…

And those members stick around for at least 45 days…

They be getting 40 bucks back.

That means I’d be paying them to be in CopySkills™.

Ain’t that something?

This isn’t passive income, though.

They’ll have to work for it because they have to sign up new members every month.

But it gives them an offer they can promote while also marketing themselves online.

What happens when they start signing up 25 or 50 or 100 new members every month?

Now they’ve built a new income stream.

That means they’re less reliant on client work to pay the bills.

And they can be more discerning about who they choose to work with.

And that means they get what we all got into copywriting for.


Which makes joining CopySkills™ the best decision they’ve ever made in their lives.

IDK about you, but I’m excited for what’s in store for remainder of 2023.

We are SO back.

– Nabeel

P.S. If you’re wondering why a copywriter might promote an offer relevant to other copywriters when their target audience is business owners…

Here’s what really happens as you start marketing yourself online.

Most people post content about what they know.

So copywriters will talk about copywriting.

And talking about copywriting, while it does get you on the radar of potential clients…

Tends to attract an audience of copywriters as well.

For a long time, I was frustrated by the fact that so many copywriters followed me and so few business owners.

I’m a practitioner.

I do client work.

I didn’t want to be one of those barely above average copywriters who sells copywriting courses to beginners because they couldn’t make any Ps doing client work.

That tension was good for me because it allowed me to focus on mastering my craft and getting results for clients.

And even though I have a tiny audience compared to other influencers…

Eventually, my “copywriter audience” grew large enough that I couldn’t ignore them.

And they were asking for my help.

So I said fuck it and leaned into it.


I wasn’t gonna be like those other copy coaches.

This is Yours Beardly we’re talking about.

I needed an angle.

I needed a way to stand out.

Copywriting training is a crowded market full of better copywriters than me with more results ($1 billion in revenue generated, for example.)

I needed a story.

Because in a crowded market, whoever tells the best story wins.

CopySkills™ is the ONLY training program for Global South copywriters.

No one else serves this audience.

Other coaches only want to serve “First World” copywriters – USA, Canada, UK, Australia.

The kind that’ll pay $3000/month for coaching.

The kind that’ll drop $5000 on tickets, flights, and hotels and fly halfway across the world to a copywriter conference.

Global South copywriters can’t do that.

They’re too “poor.”

They need too much coaching.

It’s too much work to serve them.

So they’re ignored – fuck em.

Here, miss 3rd world copywriter who makes $250/month…

Here, miss single mom copywriter trying to put food on the table…

Here, mister Ugandan copywriter who can’t buy things online because payment processors refuse to do business with African countries…

Download this free lead magnet…

Join this free Facebook group…

Subscribe to this free YouTube channel…

Aren’t you grateful?

Am I not merciful?

Feel like you’re making progress…

But never master your craft, never work with better clients, never raise your rates.

And feel shitty and sorry for yourself because you can’t afford to pay $4997 for a course or $999/month for a coaching program.

Not anymore, though.

Yes, you have to pay for CopySkills™ (we’re not communists.)

Yes, you still have to deal with all those payment processor hassles (pay us in Bitcoin.)

But you can finally get the coaching and support you need…

So you can finally feel like a professional, working copywriter.

And sure, maybe you’re not making $10,000/month or even $5,000 or even $3,000 overnight.

But you’re making progress.

One client at a time.

One project at a time.

One retainer at a time.

$1,000/month… $2,500/month… $4,800/month.

Where will you be a year from now?

How about three years from now?

Can you imagine it?

You couldn’t before.

With CopySkills™, you can.

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