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Many who claim to be copywriters can barely string a coherent sentence together in any language, let alone English. This is a problem because to sell you must first be understood. And you cannot be understood if your writing has all the hallmarks of an aspie mong. Before you learn copywriting you ought to learn writing. In this free lecture, we are going to fix that.

Allow me to introduce you to Megha Lillywhite, a scientist and self-taught art and literature buff who quit pursuing her PhD to teach the Western Canon. She is not a copywriter. No copywriting guru has heard of her. You have to be a very online Twitter person to come across her work. And yet, I’d wager your writing will improve more in these 90 minutes than it has after going through all those copywriting courses and books.

Join CopySkills™ and Megha Lillywhite for our free lecture, “Write Like a Writoor.”

“Write like a Writoor” is a free lecture by CopySksills™ and Megha Lillywhite on June 24 2023 at 9 am EST

What you can expect when you attend:

Edgar Allan Poe was not only the father of Horror and Detective Fiction, he was also a master of creating Mood. Mood is that ineffable vibe that a person gets when they read a piece of writing. It’s what seems to reach out from the white spaces between the words, crawl under your skin and make your goosebumps stand up. This lesson is a breakdown of some of Poe’s best writing to show you how he does this.

Writing principles taught in the lesson:

  1. Be able to recognize a metaphor and how to deploy it so that it’s powerful instead of cringey
  2. Learn what information to leave out of your writing to engage the reader’s imagination
  3. How to appeal to and manipulate the reader’s senses

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P.S. You have to attend live. There will be no recordings (except for CopySkills™ members.) Sign up now.

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